Mandala Finance History

The journey of PT Mandala Finance Tbk. started on August 13th, 1983. However, in the beginning, the company was established under the name of PT Vidya Cipta Leasing Cooperation. After changing the company’s name several times, the name PT Mandala Multifinance was established in July 21st, 1997 and passed by the Minister of Finance Prescript Number 323/KMK.017/1997.

According to the latest statue, the company strives to run a business in financing the company and financing sector based on Sharia principles. Several business activities are then carried out, which include investment financing, working capital financing, multifunction financing, and other financing activities based on the Financial Service Authority (OJK)’s approval. Particular business activities are also based on Sharia principles following the valid agreements appointed by the Financial Service Authority (OJK), government, and/or National Sharia Council.

On September 6th, 2015, PT Mandala Multifinance was officially registered as a public company with code (MFIN) at Indonesia Stock Exchange. The company registered 24,53% of its stock to strengthen capital structure and enhance the company’s source of funds and working capital. Starting from the early registration to 2017, stock owned by the community reaches 325.000.000 worth of shares or 24,53% in 2018. The company split the stock nominal, which increased the number of shares owned by the community to 650.000.000. This has been registered at Indonesia Exchange Stock.

To answer the community’s needs in Sharia scheme-based financing system, the company established Syaria Business Unit and received National Sharia Council-Indonesia Ulama Council Recommendation Number U-075/DSN-MUI/IV/2006 on April 2006.

In 2015, the company received Sharia Business Unit permission from Financial Services Authority (OJK) on June 9th, 2015 with Number No.KEP-125/NB.223/2015.

The company’s major shareholders have years of experience in the automotive industry, which started as motorcycles main dealer in Lampung and West Java Provinces.

PT Mandala Multifinance commits to maintain and increase the quality of services to customers and business partners, which is also supported by directed, integrated, and sustainable human resources management. Not to mention the availability of proper infrastructure that works well with today’s business world and many more years to come.


Becoming the best customer-oriented financing company.


Providing fast and effective financing facilities through working process improvement, technology and information, and network expansion

Prioritizing the satisfaction of customers and business partners

Maintaining credibility and bank trust



Earning the public’s trust by providing transparent reports.


Acknowledging that our success is part of the contribution of others in our journey.


We are determined to achieve the right goals at the right timing despite any challenges.